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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Career PathFinder tool?

Click here to watch a brief video tutorial.

Why were transfers and demotions included in the data?

Our aim in providing the Career PathFinder is to be transparent in presenting data about actual career moves in the County…

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Is my personal information saved somewhere?

No. Your use of the Career PathFinder is always anonymous. Your name is only used to provide you with a personalized experience…

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What’s the difference between using 15 years of employee adventures versus 30?

15 years of employee adventures means that you are viewing more recent activity than you would have if you selected the thirty years…

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What does the popularity percentage mean?

Popularity is the relative percentage of employees who have made a particular career move, whether from a specific position or to a specific position…

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Why are the career movements in the career pathfinder limited to the top 20?

For each classification, the Career PathFinder will show you the top 20 next career steps even though there might be many other jobs…

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This tool is great, but why should I consider planning a career with la county?

LA County is a wonderful place to work, and over 100,000 employees are proud to have made LA County their career home…

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How do I print my career path report in color?

You will need to ensure your print settings enable background colors to be printed.

In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools icon (or hit Alt + X) and select Print and then Page Setup. In the dialog window…

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